Our commitment to people, place and planet.

We are super proud to be B-Corp certified and be part of a movement of companies across the globe who are reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit.

We believe towns and cities can do better and our beliefs are backed up by a business model that works and actions that make a difference. Our sleeves are rolled up and we’re learning as we go. Here is what we’ve discovered so far:

The mission

It starts with circular cities.

We partner with local venues, repurpose unused space, then layer on our technology to provide access to a new local work day that helps transform people and places for the better.

The goal

Optimise our urban environment, support local communities.

Through the use of our platform we aim to optimise our urban environment. To achieve this goal we adopt 4 circular city strategies.

Bring the workforce back to our neighbourhoods to boost local economies.

Share spaces to help build communities and a sense of belonging.

Substitute vehicular commutes with walking and cycling to reduce carbon emissions.

Loop and repurpose underutilised space to optimise our use of resources.


We measure what matters.

We strive to increase the wellbeing of our members and the productivity of our neighbourhoods. To do this we collect data to help measure our impact. We listen, and learn, always searching for a better way.

Our impact model

How we measure success.

We focus on UN Sustainability Development Goal 11. It envisions a world where cities are inclusive, safe, and sustainable. For each of our neighbourhoods we set four impact objectives that ensures our work ladders up to this goal.

Provide affordable, flexible and accessible hyper-local workspace.

Create a sense of belonging for members and neighbours.

Support local and accelerate local economic growth.

Foster community engagement and participation.

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