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Does your venue have downtime or spare capacity during the week? Become a Neighbourhood host and allow our members to work from your space while you benefit from new revenue and up-sale opportunities.

How it works

Boost income in three easy steps.

Join neighbourhood for free. List your space, get vetted professionals through the doors, boost your revenue, and put your business on the map.

1. List space

Upload your space and amenities. We approve it within 24 hours providing it meets our quality criteria.

2. Manage bookings

Members book your tables and amenities through the platform.

3. Welcome your guests

You boost your revenue. They get work done and connect with others.

Why Neighbourhood?

A free platform to grow your business & community.

Generate passive income, new revenue, footfall, and customers.

Offer your underutilised space during the work day to local remote workers to generate passive income, new footfall, and up-sell opportunities.

You are in charge of your space, determining workday availability and hours. We integrate with your calendar to make the process seamless for you.

We shout about your venue through paid advertising, social media, newsletter, and PR. loads of exposure. Completely free.

If your venue has other amenities, products or services you can list them on the platform. Our members can enquire to book them through the site, bringing in additional revenue for your venue.

Safe & secure

Host protection guarantee.

To keep your venue safe, we cover every booking with £1m in insurance against accidents. Every Neighbourhood member is an employee of a vetted and approved company.

Your new customer

Our members are your neighbours.

Neighbourhood members are vetted professionals that are looking for an alternative to working from home or the daily commute. They want to discover great spaces to get work done, support local, and build their community.

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