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Neighbourhood is the first flexible workspace platform that connects employees with hyper-local workspaces and a community around where they live - giving people the opportunity to walk to work, wherever they are. With Neighbourhood, local venues and unique residences can open their doors to welcome a new type of customer that helps generate passive income from their underutilised space, increasing footfall, boosting revenue, and helping to build back their business.

Each Neighbourhood space is unique, but all have required, common amenities. Neighbourhood spaces must accommodate at least four people and have:

-Fast, secure, and reliable wifi
-A private area to take phone call
-A toilet
-Power outlets

In addition Neighbourhood Hubs require additional amenities that are bespoke and unique to each company as these are tailored dedicated spaces booked exclusively for teams on a monthly basis with specific amenity requirements. All spaces must first pass our 20 point checklist to ensure your space offers required amenities and that you can maintain a clean and safe work environment for our Members. If your space meets the qualification criteria, you can easily onboard your space to Neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood has three categories of spaces.

-Neighbourhood Spots – Spaces shared with members and non-members. On average these spaces have 20 + seats.

-Neighbourhood Works – these are coworking spaces that are exclusively reserved for Neighbourhood members only. On average these spaces have 20 + seats.

-Neighbourhood Hubs – these are dedicated ‘private office’ spaces reserved exclusively for teams or one particular company. On average these spaces have 4 + seats and often require tailored amenities that we help you assemble.

Every Neighbourhood member belongs to a professional company that we have vetted. We further verify employee email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile. People who don't pass this check or violate our terms or community guidelines are not allowed on the platform.

When you accept a booking (aka a ‘session’) through the platform, the booking is added to your account and displayed in the Host dashboard. These bookings are then tallied over the course of the month. You then invoice Neighbourhood on the last working day of the month for the total number of bookings made, as displayed in your dashboard. Neighbourhood then makes the payment in tou your account 5 working days form receipt of the invoice. For some Neighbourhood Hubs, or for large enterprise membership plans your payouts will be made quarterly.

Yes, Neighbourhood offers up to £1 million liability insurance. Our Host Protection Guarantee is a property damage protection programme. It provides primary liability coverage for up to £1,000,000 in the rare event of a third-party claim of bodily injury, and coverage for property damage related to a Neighbourhood booking.

As a host, you have full control over the days you share your space on Neighbourhood. Simply update your calendar on the platform.

For ‘Neighbourhood Works’ each member can book one seat per workspace per day. Hosts earn £5 per member per day/booking. For ‘Neighbourhood Hubs’ often a specific company or team wants to book out a private workspace for a month or more, in which case a host would be paid by the month or in some case by the quarter.

Most Neighbourhood Hosts earn between £600 -£2,000 per month. Here are a few examples of net earnings amounts:

-4 members per day, 3 days per week = £240 pcm
-4 members per day, 5 days per week = £400 pcm
-6 members per day, 5 days per week = £600 pcm
-15 members per day, 5 days per week = £1500 pcm
-20 members per day, 5 day per week = £2,000 pcm
-50 members per day, 5 days a week = £5,000 pcm

For venues that sell food and drink – Neighbourhood helps boost your revenue with an additional average spend of £6-12 per member per day.

Neighbourhood is the first flexible workspace platform that connects employees with hyper local workspaces and a community around where they live, giving people the opportunity to walk to work, wherever they are. Forward thinking companies that embrace flexible work turn to Neighbourhood as a valuable employee benefit that helps attract and retain top talent by providing an alternative to working from home or the long commute in to city centre coworking spaces. It helps save thousands of pounds a year, boost employee happiness, and reduce our impact on the environment.

We have two categories of space. Neighbourhood Works – members only coworking spaces, and Neighbourhood Hubs - private office space exclusively for your employees or team. Neighbourhood leverages beautiful and underutilised high street spaces, local venues, and unique residences, and transform them into focus friendly hubs for your company during work hours, wherever you may need them. This is why Neighbourhood is the most flexible, local, and sustainable workplace provider.

Neighbourhood Hosts are the owners, operators or managers of each location. Think of them as your friendly Neighbourhood concierge that’s always there to offer a helping hand, address any issues, and ensure your employees have a great experience. They are also responsible for maintaining Neighbourhoods strict quality standards and amenities.

At Neighbourhood safety is our number one priority. Every Neighbourhood space is vetted with a 20 point check list to ensure strict quality standards, including cleaning protocols to protect our community. All hosts and members are vetted and all of our Neighbourhood spaces are thoroughly cleaned in line with HSE guidance found here: https://www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/working-safely/index.htm. We are also on a mission to have all our hosts install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their space, test them regularly, and make sure their listing description is up to date.

Neighbourhood Works members benefit from focus friendly coworking spaces around where they live, with super fast wifi (100+ mbps), plenty of power sockets, toilet and welfare facilities, private call areas and access to the Neighbourhood network. Neighbourhood Hubs members have all the benefits of Works, plus free tea, coffee, and snacks, access to a kitchen, and additional add on options such as, white boards, second monitors, printer, company branded stationary and signage.

Membership starts at £50 pcm for access to Neighbourhood Works and from *£80 pcm per member for Neighbourhood Hubs. *We say from £80 pcm because each Neighbourhood Hub is bespoke to each companies unique requirements.

Neighbourhood Works spaces are currently available in all major cities across the UK. Unlock access by going to our pricing page here: www.neighbourhood.city/pricing, and book a membership package that suits you best. For Neighbourhood Hubs we tailor locations based on your employees’ geographic density. You can unlock access for your employees in a few easy steps. First, chat with our team: share your preferred location, number of employees, budget, and your start date. Then all you need to do is approve the proposed locations and then you’re team has access to their new local workday!

No. Which is why we are the most flexible, local, and sustainable coworking company. It means we can offer you on demand access to our inspiring spaces, as and when you need it, wherever you may be. It’s what keeps our memberships affordable, with no minimum commitments and why companies are leaving wework to join our walk-to-work movement.

Yes. As part of our enterprise membership plan any pre-approved employee can book one seat per day at any of your company-reserved Neighbourhood Hubs spaces, upon availability.

We offer the choice of both. Neighbourhood Works spaces are coworking spaces shared exclusively with other Neighbourhood members from a range of different companies. Whereas Neighbourhood Hubs are private offices with shared welfare facilities, or fully private locations, with bespoke amenities to match your criteria.