Hello there

We are Neighbourhood.

Your local workspace platform.

We are on a mission

To transform people and places for the better.

We repurpose unused spaces in restaurants, hotels and residences, into local hubs for coworking, creating and collaborating. By matching remote workers with workspace around where they live, Neighbourhood builds communities, reduces emissions and breathes life back into our high streets.

Our impact

Doing business in the right way.

We’re proud to say we’re a certified B Corp. This means that we are committed to using business as a force for good and meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

About us

We're starting the walk-to-work revolution.

Neighbourhood is a team of ambitious entrepreneurs, technologists, and urbanists, united by a common goal of building a new local work day. It's in pursuit of our vision, a world where our most fulfilling work is right outside our door.

Our story

Building the future of work. One neighbour at a time.

Fed up with long commutes, noisy coffee shops, and the isolation of working from home. Chris and James set out to build a new local work day. One that provided all the benefits of coworking but without the inconvenience of a commute. A work day with access to inspiring spaces and a local community right outside their door. With their first local venue on board and a handful of neighbours from down the road, Neighbourhood was born.

Built on a belief

We were told we were crazy. We're glad we didn't listen.

We started Neighbourhood with a belief that we can bring work to people, not just people to work. It is a belief in a better way of working that gives us more time to do the things that matter most. Where community, inspiring spaces, and human connections create a sense of belonging and a more fulfilled life.

Our purpose

A community that shares more than just space.

Urban regeneration is at the heart of everything we do. We believe cities of the future are circular and that we all have a part to play in getting there. We strive to use our platform to empower neighbourhoods to grow communities that transform people and places for the better.

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Our team

Join us and help build the future of work.

We love our members, our network of inspiring spaces and our local communities. But what really matters, what brings it all together and is the heart and soul of our business is you, our people. Discover your potential as a member of our team and start making an impact everyday.

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